Petition Cisco for Educational IOS License!

Written by LBSources from on July 7th, 2010 | 15 Comments

So here is something that can very well take some time to come around the corner, but be here just like that and impact all of us. The new Cisco IOS (15.0) licensing methods are potentially putting our educational ability to study using GNS3/Dynamips at risk of coming to an end.

Here is a read from an article published by Dan Hughes on

However this week marked the beginning of the end for this old friend, with the announcement of the supported hardware platforms for IOS 15.1, we see that only ISR and ISR2 routers are supported. For architectural reasons, it’s never been possible to emulate these platforms in dynamips, so we’ve reached a place where new IOS software won’t be usable in dynamips. We can run 12.4 on the existing range of platforms, and 15.0 on the 7200 platform, and thats it.

Today, it doesn’t really affect anything, unless you want to try the new hold music feature in 15.1, but over the months, as we head into 15.2 and 15.3, then the software we can run in dynamips will become too old to matter any more. Exam blueprints will move on, features we want to use will only exist in the new versions, we’ll update our production and test networks, and slowly, dynamips will become a thing of the past.

For those of us who have invested heavily in our own training and lab equipment, it won’t make a huge difference. Adding a few second hand 1841′s won’t cost a fortune, although will use a lot more power and cooling than the single dynamips box does. But for the ordinary CCNA and CCNP student, it’ll be too much to buy, too much room taken up, and too much power and noise. They can use remote labs, but they really don’t give the flexibility of your own kit.

So Greg Ferro put up a petetion off of an idea Wendel Odom came up with regarding an educational copy of IOS.

Do us all a favor and lets give it a shot and support and sign this electronic petition!

Ask Cisco to Consider an IOS for Certifcation Self Study – Sign the petition now!


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15 Responses to “Petition Cisco for Educational IOS License!”

  1. avatar Doug Gentry

    I would like to become Cisco Certified but I’m running into Road blocks every darns step of the way. Even Microsoft has training versions of their software so we can learn it. I can’t very wel be asking my wife if I can spend 2500.00 for a router so I can sit here in my lab and learn.

  2. avatar Juergen Dietl

    I am on doing my CCNP now. Done with the Switch on the route-road now :-)
    I think the more Cisco make it possible to do a good training, the more we will use Cisco Equipment in our Companies because we very often have leading position. So Cisco bite their own if they dont support testing license any more – even Microsoft do.

  3. avatar Addy Kumar

    Hi There,
    Is there any update regarding this?

    As far as I know, Cisco seems to be determined to kiil GNS3, despite the fact that it has widely helped Network Engineers learn Cisco & hence Benefit Cisco.

    Haven’t heard anything lately.


  4. avatar osi layers

    I like this petition and hope will get more with this educational license.

  5. avatar Uffe Callesen

    I think Cisco is hoping we’ll all use this instead:

  6. avatar Hmmm

    “Adding a few second hand 1841′s won’t cost a fortune, although will use a lot more power and cooling than the single dynamips box does.”

    Not really.

  7. avatar SEO Training Chandigarh

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  8. avatar erkan

    Why does it matter. We waste our precious time, money and great deal of energy to learn, train and market for free the technologies of those selfish, money voracious, careless, helpless people called Ci$co. We dedicate (actually waste) a great deal of our resources to them for nothing. They are not helping people in their pursuits to achieve their certification at all. They even try to put an end to any efforts to make education easier than it is. They only care about the billion they made out of selling their devices, book and training. We need to convey our clear message that we no longer stand their selfishness.

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  10. avatar Joe

    Cisco has sucked since its requried a expn$ive contract to download IOS updates. Their routers and switches are overpriced. We may as well all be janitors. They offer NO support to those who want to learn and propogate cisco Equipment by their actions with IOS lockdowns. Ohh, under the premise that there’s security code in there. They have their bloody routers made in China for crying out loud ! A communist country that answers to nobody. What next ?
    Stupid decisions from upper management are hurting themselves and Us. GTH Cisco.

  11. avatar Lonnie Breland

    Please allow GNS3 Users to have a full working copy of the IOS's to learn Cisco networks.

  12. avatar Chris

    CCNA 5 to be released in June 2013, includes the IOS 15.x commands.

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