Topology: Chris Bryant OSPF Lab – 3640 Routers

Written by LBSources from on May 31st, 2008 | 7 Comments

These are the setups for the Chris Bryant labs. So if you’re studying for your CCNP and working with Chris’ material this is what you need!

Routers Used: 3640

IOS: c3640-jk9s-mz.124-16a

Feature of Topology: OSPF labs from Chris Bryant CCNP Study package.


Download: Chris Bryant OSPF Lab

Enjoy ..



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7 Responses to “Topology: Chris Bryant OSPF Lab – 3640 Routers”

  1. avatar mlitka

    What Lab Workbook is this topology from? I am using the Ultimate BSCI Lab Workbook from Chris and the topology is a bit different. He doesn’t use R5, and R3 and R4 are directly connected using serial.

  2. avatar LBSources

    Have a look at Chris’s site.

    This is what I carved out reading the OSPF portion of the study guide and decided to jump into building the OSPF environment as Chris went through it.

    This is from the lab workbook and its the core lab.

  3. avatar Robert

    dude you run 5 routers with the IOS: c3640-jk9s-mz.124-16a

    holy crap! what kind of Computer do you run I mean exact specs.
    I do not believe it is completely idle pc values because I have
    a laptop AMD duo core and i right click and run the IDLE PC calcs and doesnt help much at all. what is the trick with these…I cannot run 5 of that IOS image period CPU maxed and my ram is 2GB but not fully used. but cpu is tapped out i can run 12.3 images but not 12.4 with the K9 option. please tell me exactly what ram speed/cpu/and mobo/harddrive speed/type you run and power supply


  4. avatar Muthiah

    I do have a 2GB ram, first start one router and calculate the idle pc value, then start the rest of the router…it works

  5. avatar suvo

    Man I agree with Robert, I too have a Core2Duo Box with 4 Gigs and Baracudda HDD running in RAID in stripping mode for enhanced performance and a 8600 GT Grf Card for video acceleration. although I am not able to run more then 4 router descently.

    I am using WIN XP, well it much better in Linux but intalling in LINUX is a headace. There are some videos in this site itself I guess, however thats for some 8.xx version of Ubuntu, I have tried the latest 9.10 ver…..I found some requirement missing like pythonQT4 when being searched in Synaptic manager or so. SOmeone post a video on installion of GNS in latest Ubuntu nad RHEL 5.0 also.

    Thanks and Regards,

  6. avatar antec spotcool system cooler

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  7. avatar Dexter@ yeast in men

    @Daniel – If you want true followers. Use your company Facebook account to discuss in relevant Facebook groups. Im surprised how few is doing that. Thats value.. and hard work

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